WILU 2018 Committees

Co-Chairs: Karine Fournier and Patrick Labelle


Accommodations & Local Arrangements

Chair: Karine Fournier

Catherine McGoveran

Téa Rokolj



Co-chairs: Maryse Laflamme and Nigèle Langlois



Chair: Patrick Labelle

Emily Benton

Michelle Brown

Ann Hemingway

Catherine Lachaîne



Chair: Paul-Cézar Tanase

Joël Rivard

Marta Samokishyn

Cecilia Tellis



Chair: Mélanie Brunet

Jesse Baker

Marie-Cécile Domecq

Agnieszka Szczotka


Website & Marketing

Chair: Sarah Simpkin

Jasmine Bouchard

Mish Boutet

Jennifer Gratton

Andréa Schnell


We are excited to be your hosts for WILU 2018!

Please contact us at wilu2018@uottawa.ca.